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yes my engine IS in a very poor external condition ! I hope to be pleasantly surprised when I look inside !

However, I have been soaking it every week or so for the past 3 months with engine de-greaser to loosen the worst of the mess. All that loose stuff is off now – not too bad at all.

I have a Soda Blasting pot which I plan to use before strip down. My pal has a big beast compressor if my “hobby” unit does not have enough pressure.

Electric pump – this is a last preferred option.

Yes, pump on with ignition on [WITH activated light ]-BEFORE starting. This way I have a supply of oil to the turbo before it runs.

That also means I can run cool oil through the turbo after the engine stops running – like my old Alpine GTA Turbo.

I have asked the manufacturers of the pump for the specs – particularly pressure. I already have volume – 14 litres / minute.

Without question – the Gixer oil pump is the best solution, internal preferred – external if I have to.

Yes, you have it exactly – driven from the same spindle as the OEM pump. ALL that depends now on the distance from the mounting face [ see ChrisLWG’s set up ]to the centres of the drive wheel. As long as that distance is GREATER than the centre to the Gixer pump, I can use that drive.

Of course, I have not taken into account the electrical requirements yet ! You KNOW that I am an electrical imbecile !

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