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OK, plan B …. The external location driven from the end of the alternator screw is definitely a goer.

Even sorted out the drive – thanx to Kenny and the loan of more bits ! So I looked at the end of the Gixer pump and thought – “use the end with the spindle / cog”

Yep that works a treat. Gives me a housing with bearing / seal – simple bolt on, and has the advantage of using the Gixer drive chain. It simplifies my ” can you make that for me please mister” list as well. “All” I need is the OEM Gixer drive spindle shortening and a slot machined in the alternator screw for the drive. Not quite as simple as that – but nearly so. Just as well I have THREE Gixer pumps.

Major session in the shed today. Once the pump location was sorted, a lot of the other packaging fell into place. By moving [ oh futtox ] the carefully laid out and constructed under seat electrics and tray [ !! ] I can move the turbo up and back sufficiently to get a gravity return to the sump of the turbo oil – that also means I don’t need a scavenge pump – or remote sump. Might bring a new meaning to the phrase “roasted nuts” …………… need a good source of heat protection !

Pulled the pin on the Norvil half fairing and tinted screen, and I’m 99% certain about the Manx tank cover.

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