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Today was a general checking out of my theories [!].

I also finalised the POC fitting of the exhaust.

By no means finished as I have not yet cut / modified any of the random bends I bought. I want the “welder” to check everything out first.

So, imagine the front pipe bends much tighter to the head and the 2 in to 1 collector will be parallel with the two pipes – just to clean up the aesthetics.

I have a good run into the turbo from this setup, but of course that cannot be finalised until the oil pump / hosing is in place. I still have the option of repeating this on the other side.

Now I don’t have to use the oil sump I bought [ !! ], I now have some extra space for the battery [ under swingarm ].

I will have to remove my electrics undertray and re-site all the components [ drat ], but that’s just an annoyance rather than a problem.

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