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I actually started dismantling my engine yesterday – I managed to get it onto a temporary “clean” bench”.

Temporary as I want to clear my main bench [ a mess ! ]before total dismantling takes place.

Curiosity as much as anything else – just removed case covers to see what’s actually inside !

The engine looks like it has been freshly assembled – which is in line with the info from the PO.

However, it now shows me that the outer casing [ alternator ] is one piece – and NOT with a removable central cover !! Cunning Japanese put the three screws there to fool me !

That actually makes the conversion simpler as the three screws are equidistant to the crank end. So the drilling of a drive spindle rod hole is simple to get “right”. I now understand Michael’s warning of a “dome” !

My engine has the smaller screw and of course a different set up for the alternator.

The good news is that my new engine is a later model with the larger screw and electronic ignition.

I have several possibilities to locate the pump now, and I can also drive it from either side.

So, I won’t waste any more time on that at the moment, but wait until the bike is on the bike ramp and I can gain access all round. Then it will become obvious [ ?? ] which is the most practical location.

That also frees up decisions re: the exhaust – which side etc.

I have quite a lot to package into the bike – turbo, Nitrous, exhaust, pump etc.,etc + all the relevant switches, gauges and controllers – so I think the plan now is to get it on the stand and start looking at where everything is going to live.

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