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The MR2 is Supercharged!! Standard fitment in Japan on the MK1s, MK2s had Turbo.
It had among other things an “air conditioning” style electro magnetic clutch which was controlled by the ecu, Unless there was vacuum in the inlet manifold the S/C was switched off, as soon as vacuum started to fall the S/C was switched on and up to pressure before zero vacuum was reached making a seamless transition between N/A and S/C.
I fitted an inline switch so I could override the ecu saving fuel for the trackdays, 6mpg on full 14psi boost.
The Supercharged model had strengthening ribs fitted inside the block and also oil squirters for the underside of the forged pistons which as you will know are stronger than cast but do not like to be hot as they distort badly with heat,
Also had intercooler and knock sensor ABV Air Bypass Valve for when the S/C was not boosting and a pressure valve to stop over boosting, This was easily disconnected by changing two rubber pipes around, this was only needed when the crank pully was changed for a larger one!! 1600cc maxed out at 200bhp but as you will know bhp is not what drives you forward TOURQUE is and it had masses from 1500 rpm.
I started to Supercharge a small 175 Honda a few years ago but never got the project finished as I changed to road racing where they are not allowed, I still have all the parts so one day it might get done,
Running Methanol like drag bikes is an easy way of doing it, no heat problems, compression problems or fueling problems but a bit thirsty for the road and not many garages selling it LOL
Good luck with yours, finding the room is the biggest problem on a bike.
Mike J

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