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Hi Beachcomber,

I have heard of some tests with the exhaust cam as inlet cam but this doesn’t seem to work very well.

You can get the camshafts modified by Megacycle in the USA.
I have ridden this Twin with these cams, 950 cm³, Mikuni 34mm flat slide carbs and a 2-in-1-exhaust with Supertrapp silencer.

Incredible !

Find the full story (in german language) here:

Cheers, Michael

PS: Power measurement curve is not from this bike, but overall setup is quite similar (same cams, same carbs, over 900 cm³, 2-in-1-exhaust)

PPS: Last pic shows Manfred at left hand side, the creator and owner of this Twin and me, starting in heavy rain for a test ride.

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