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Hi TJ,

good to see you working on the oil supply of the turbo.

I have fitted the Tarozzi recessed footpegs in the same position as you did and found that the thread size is not matching.

The thread in the frame is “japanese standard” with MF10x1,25 (fine), while the Tarozzi stud is M10x1,5 (european norm thread / more coarse)

The bolt of the Tarozzis isn’t long enough to catch it with a nut from the inside of the frame.

Just to cut a new thread in the frame in M10x1,5 may be not the best idea, as it doesn’t allow to fix the footpeg in correct position (foldable upright).
It may be corrected with slim washers like distance washers, but I do not like this possibility.

Any plans about fixing that ?

As your rear wheel has a drum brake, there is the need of converting it’s actuation as well. A Bowden cable should solve it, but it needs the matching holders at the brake pedal and the brake arm at the drum.

I have no solution for it right now, but will think about it 😉

Cheers, Michael

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