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Something along these lines [ minus 2 cylinders obviously! ] will get the job done. Now you can see why I need to move the ignition !

I’ll check the Blower for “pakaging” at the weekend. The rear frame loops might need a tweak [ or more ] to clear.

I have the visual in my mind now, and it looks pretty do-able.

Just need to get my hands on a frame / forks / yokes / engine and we’re off and running.

A stock alloy rimmed spoked front wheel will do [ guess there is such a thing ? ], otherwise it’s break the piggy bank and get a wheel / rim built.

I stripped the blower down to check the rotors / end float etc. Not only is it in perfect condition, but it’s the later Teflon coated rotor version.

Thanx for the interest guys – all input welcomed.

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