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MOAB – yes I got the blown bit – that catch phrase was a bumper sticker that was around in the ’80’s that those of us of the blower brigade used!

In the ’60’s I was part sponsored by Allan Allard [ Shorrock superchargers ] after I whupped his Anglia Drag Car [ 2 litre blown / methanol ] with my 1300 [Blown / petrol ] Renault Gordini!

That was after 4 years or so of running the same car on the road with the blower. I later built a specific drag car around a Dauphine Gordini – 1300cc blown / injected / methanol.

Other “toys” included an 1800 bhp blown/ injected/ methanol Comp Altered drag car. So you could say blowers are in my DNA.

I’m out of my comfort zone with electronics, turbos, FI, etc. Hence the suck through [ SU carb ] blower arrangement for the KZ.

I will have to rely on mates for a lot of the fab / machining as I have neither the facilities [ or skill ]to do justice to the project.

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