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Still learning !

Nearly all my experience has been with car engines 4cyl and ( mostly ) V8. Just 2 blown Triumph drag bikes.

All with crude (relatively) fuel injection or carbs. All have been suck through.

Time scale ????? At 3 score and 12, it has to be sooner rather than later !

Having been involved with the design, development and manufacture of replica and speciality cars for most of my life, I now temper enthusiasm with realism !

I rely on my pension and odd ebay sales to fund my hobby / projects and an even greater degree to bartering and the help of good friends.

It’s underway at least – from a late night “what if” telephone conversation 2 weeks ago I now have the blower,and a line on a rolling chassis / engine. I have quite a few of the related parts needed in my “stash” – race seat, clip ons, rear sets, SU carb, various gauges etc.,etc.

Realistically I’d like to aim for the latter part ofnext year – Glemseck would be good ! ( hence the title )

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