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Point of no return — GT15 turbocharger arriving Friday courtesy of a “barter” deal !! Proud of me KK ?

I might be in need of a couple of scrap exhaust pipes. All I need initially is the first 12″-18″ of bend in reasonable weldable condition.

I will then Siamese the pipes on the left side ( high level ) and from there to the turbo located on the left side, over the oil breather tower ( which will be binned). As the turbo system benefits being as hot as possible – I will relent on my loathing of thermal wrapping (!!) the exhaust ! Also means the cosmetic finish of the system is not critical ( my excuse anyway ).

Packaging is so much simpler than with the Eaton !

Another advantage is that I don’t haven’t to relocate the ignition system.

Oil delivery ( turbo ) is fairly critical – someone mentioned an oil pump upgrade at one point ?

I also need to understand exactly how the breather tower system works as the oil return to the crankcase is an ideal point for the turbo oil return feed.

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