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Public thanx to Kenny’s for the supply of his damaged cases, barrels etc. to further the project.

What with all the help and advice I’m getting – this feels like a “forum” bike.

The cases will be invaluable for setting up and general “whatif” scenarios.

They will give me a lightweight / easy to handle mock up engine to sort out position of manifolding, turbo, hoses, etc. without having to manhandle a complete lump – and POSSIBLY [ PROBABLY ]damage my newly powder coated frame !

All the packaging looks good – it would even fit on a street bike [ tee,hee ]- the only tight part [ that’s where Kenny’s engine comes in ]is the plenum chamber.

Once the mock up engine is installed – I can fit the manifold [ thanx KK ]and Weber carb and position the Turbo – and see what room is left between the two for the plenum.

Ideally it needs to be engine capacity [ minimum ]- so 750 – 1000cc.

I’ll be in need of a turbo exhaust flange come mounting bracket soon [ 3 – 4mm plate ]approx. 100mm x 120mm.

Standard version shown – I need to extend the flange to accept mounting holes as I can’t rely on the Exhaust [ as normal ]to support the turbo.

Worse case scenario is to get a stock one and fab up a seperate support bracket Will still work, but the other way would be neater.

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