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So. decided to do the mock up today – shopping can wait !

That meant turning the rolling chassis round 180 degrees ………. and the rolling chassis is longer than the shed is wide. Even with the forks and wheels out it took 30 minutes of manhandling swearing and skinned knuckles to get it done.

Why turn it round ? I need access to the turbo exhaust and mounting. Still, done now.

So I decided to give the shopping a complete swerve and carry on with the mock up. Actually didn’t take that long – however, not terribly impressed with the alignment of various mountings and fixings. Would have been a right mission with a whole engine ! Before I get to it, I’ll open out all the various holes / brackets.

Anyway – I’d got the long manifold / Weber mounted up yesterday and tried that first. About 3″ too long enough !!!! However the shorter of the two is SPOT on – thanx KK. I’ve got room to get the plenum chamber in [ bolted to back of Weber ] and get a decent flow to the carb.

The oil scavenge [ turbo ] is too low and will need a scavenge pump if I am to use the original Breather canister vents. I’ll definitely use one as a breather, and probably take it direct to the exhaust via a one way flame trap [ a la Dragsters ].

Other jobs that need attention. ….. A support bracket for the Weber from the head. support bracket for the turbo. Exhaust in and out looks straightforward. Even the main exhaust doesn’t look too bad now I’ve bolted the Ex. stubs up [ thanx Hoggy ]

Shopping ….. who needs milk, bread, meat etc. anyway

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