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Thanx KK. – what would I do without you !!

I got the short one done by a pal who is doing a college course – he will try to get the other one done soon.

The GSXR 600 oil pump will be here in the next couple of days. Fingers crossed.

Thanx for your help getting me back on the radar with Michael’s forum.

Good opportunity to get some more German vocabulary !

I will have all my random exhaust bends ( stainless ) on Monday, so begins the 3D jigsaw !

Hoggy ( who supplied my ex. stubs ) had made a really neat Siamese high level system which I will use as a guide.

Originally I was going to bring the system round on the left side ( alternator side ) but seeing his system, I can see it would flow into my turbo better on that side. Don’t you just love these forums !

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