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The answer is yes – overthinking that is.

Always erring on the side of caution as I have all my design and manufacturing life, I was concerned that there might not be enough capacity from the stock pump output / oil reservoir.

However now I have the relevant figures to hand – 48 psi @ 4000rpm @ 90 degrees c.

However the important figure is the psi at which the bye pass opens, which is 57 psi AND the pump is capable of putting out more than 75 psi, which is the pressure the relief valve opens.

With a stock capacity of 4 ltrs. I would want to increase that by maybe 25%, which just happens to be the capacity of the oil cooler I have just found in my garage !

So, being kept awake most of the night with the remnants of this flu like lurgi [ 4 weeks now ], I had plenty of time to think about options – better than counting sheep.

I am now looking at the following scenario – mechanical [ Gixer ] oil pump externally driven from the points side feeding direct the oil cooler with a tee off to the turbo, and returning the oil via one of the breather holes [ inside the breather tower ].

That still leaves the oil return from the turbo, which will probably go to a 1.5 ltr reservoir and then back to the crankcase. An alternative would be to double the input to the pump – one the feed from the sump, the other the turbo oil return. That means I don’t need a separate scavenge pump.

I’ll be doing a schematic in the next 48 hours to convince myself or not – and I’ll post up the results.

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