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Hello and thanks for the welcome, the parts that I can not find are

Fender 35003-017, 044013-057 fork inner tube, pedal assy 13242-006, 46075-028-38 rubber grip left and right.
I would be happy if you know who also sells used but good condition, most are difficult fork tube, the same 650 are longer and this changes the steering geometry, lift the bike and I do not like it, tell me if you know I’m listening alternatives.
Now my health is good, one foot still does not work, but I hope soon.
I would be happy if you work out with spare parts and see my twins run again.

kaptainkwak wrote:
Hi Peppe and welcome. Your Engish with translator is pretty good and better than some English members.

I hope you are OK after your incident. Can you be a bit more precise as to what bits you are needing?



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