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Hi Jett

Welcome to our humble abode.

You have 3 KZ750’s then. That is great news especially with the two S2 models as they are very rare in our part of the world if they exist at all. We do not know massive amount about the S2 and I can honestly say I have never seen one in a picture let alone in the flesh.

Do you have any stock pictures you could share with us?

Your build looks absolutely amazing and of high quality. You have obviously put some blood, sweat, tears and love into her.

It seems a shame you wish to turn your other S2 into a bobber. Could you not do that to the M (CSR) instead? They are quite plentiful in comparison.

I have been to Adelaide all be it briefly. When I went to my sons wedding in Melbourne in 2011 we had 3 aborted landings due to bad weather and had to divert there to refuel and let a couple of sick passengers off. I didn’t see any of it as it was around 2 in the morning and we weren’t let off the plane lol.


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