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I then connected up the battery from my CSR to check the electrics. 1 indicator not working. Horn not working but everything else seems fine. I pushed the starter button and she spun sweetly.

MMMM I wondered. Should I? Well whichever way i’m gonna have to strip the fuel lines and carbs so why not?

I primed the carbs and pushed the starter button. She spun but as expected no life. I tried again a couple of minutes later and just the same then . . . she popped. No way I thought so I tried it again and she roared into life. No misfire and a steady tickover.

I just stepped back and laughed. This old girl has been sat in my garage for 2 1/2 years. She was sat in a garden for quite a while before I got her back. She ran without me even putting any fresh fuel in or changing the plugs.

Happy Days here I can tell you.

I will post up any progress.

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