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Evil Twin


I have travelled all over the world in my line of work,oil/gas industry pipelines 35 yrs of travelling in fact

banter is in all corners of this planet

now I have always listened try to understand cultures and respected others too,its part of who I am.
misinterpretation can be a smack in the face at times

please DO NOT distort or misunderstand what I am trying to say here okay
BANTER its a English culture thing for folk who are from GREAT BRITAIN nothing more nothing less
I did not border on the line of offensive at any point in my view
if I had I think kaye would have definatly put me straight with ease
ok it got onto other zeds
inline fours
but that’s how things go in conversations ,
don’t think I need to explain anymore
I was asked by kaye in a private message to say ello via facebook.
yours and captain kwak made me think
mmmmm did I upset the lass
I will never know as I reversed my decision to continue the contact
hope you enjoy your forum as much as I was doing
have a good day

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