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Guys n Gals

This affair is starting to become a circus by getting out of hand and I want it to stop.

As far as I can see what happened here occurred in pure innocence by all parties and there is no specific person that can be seen as responsible for a wrong doing. What we all need to do is be a little more understanding and to consider people are from different countries, cultures and walks of life with varying ways and views of things. On hindsight that would have prevented this minor issue.

What people want to talk about is entirely up to them but I am sure you will agree there is a time and place. In this case unknowingly at the time it was neither.

This site is a public site of which sections can be viewed by anyone of any age, gender, culture and country without being a member. As the owner of the website I have to take responsibility for its content and I am therefore liable for its misuse in any form. That is why I stepped in to remove all content I deemed as inappropriate for the protection of the author, this site and myself.

I am more than happy with the general trend of the way this site is being used. Yes this is a Kawasaki 750 twin site and Kawasaki 750 twins will always be the prominent driving force but to me there is no reason why people cannot talk about their other bikes and projects and even their social lives. I also have no problem with banter and the use of slang and local dialect but please remember, those who don’t understand will google it.

I see no reason for anyone to be blamed or feel guilty or to fall out and I hope we have all learned from this and we can now move forward and resume normal service.

Now let’s put this to bed.

Thank You


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