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The ones that were on it were bodgy welded up pieces. Methinks I might make up steel ones , use GPZ500 rubbers , change the throttle lower throttle casing & throttle tube for a GPZ750 item for the push/pull cables and go from there as a simpler solution. For the choke use a 66′ W1 choke lever and make a cable for it. Will also try to find a Dynojet kit as well. Already have a set of GPZ carbs & rubbers so as I can’t source replacement manifolds that just might be a plan. Got lucky on the bike as I already have alot of Z750/4 , Z650 and GPZ750 bits that I can play with and the bike came with a Staintune Stainless exhaust system. Just want it up and running while I build my mono shocked Santee GSXR chop. That and finish the XR600 Bobber for Bages.

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