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A very nice piece of ingenuity Marko. Michael is right. Look for those signs of wear and replace as soon as you can. As another tip you can use the inside brass piece of an electrical strip connector as a temporary nipple.

Also it is very easy to change gear on the twins without a clutch. Just apply a reasonable amount of pressure to the gear change (up or down depending which change you want) and when the revs are right she will effortlessly and cleanly change gear. I’ve been doing this for years and have found no issues with the engine or gearbox. The only difficulty is setting off. you need to get the bike free wheeling as fast as you can before you can get it in 1st gear.
You can set off by putting the bike in gear and pressing the starter button but this is a lot trickier and you do need a very good working starter system and it can cause damaged to the starter motor and starter.
It is worth practicing this when you have a working clutch then if you ever need to use this method you have already mastered it.

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