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Big Chris

Thanks KK…..or is it Hoggy ?? I haven’t got round to the intro bit yet, I will do it later but thanks for the welcome. I’ve got the V5 with it, it used to be a caff racer apparently, hence the shortened frame loop. According to the frame number it’s a KZ750 B, and it’s got no tinware, but it was cheap!! I’ve got a tank and a lot of generic Kawasaki stuff, basically need a seat unit (toying with the idea of doing my own after seeing some of the #OOPS#e that’s around) and bits and bobs. Both the front outer casings are damaged, the right side one (with the sight glass in) has been gouged underneath the points cover, and the front left hand one has a piece missing where it butts up to the sprocket cover. Not the end of the world, both repairable if necessary but if I can source replacements at the right price……..

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