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Big Chris

‘Looks like it needs a seat ASAP’

Rumour has it somebody on here may be making some shortly!!

Right then…. it’s getting the pressure wash treatment tomorrow, then an attempt will be made to get it running!! Anybody point me to a link to a basic start/ignition wiring diagram??–most of the loom is there but it’s been butchered, an insight into the relevant colours would help me out greatly.
Another couple of small points….if you look closely at the picture on thr first post does the gusseting on the headstock look original?? Might be me, but it just doesn’t look ‘factory’ Also, it’s got old style ball and cup headstock bearings—is this right, even Triumph were using taper rollers by 1979!! I will be upgrading to tapers obviously, just wondered if these were original??

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