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there is a simple trick you can use to test at least the starter motor and if it turns, especially with the alternator cover removed.

This trick is some kind of dangerous, so don’t do it if you are not sure what you are doing !!!

The starter relay has two M6 bolts with the large power cables connected to it. Both are PLUS. One is connected to the plus of the battery, the other cable goes down to the starter motor. You may use a large ring spanner and push it firmly onto the two bolts. As long as you are contacting both pins the starter motor should turn immediately !

ATTENTION: Please cover any other metal pieces around that area, especially the frame, with tape, clean clothes, etc. to avoid any contact of the spanner to the frame. That would be a heavy short circuit of the battery and there is no fuse in between !!!

ATTENTION: For sure there will be some sparks when the spanner hits the bolts. You must be determined to press the spanner firmly to the bolts and hold it there. Do not reduce the pressure until you remove the spanner completely.

You should do this test with the ignition switch in OFF position.
That ensures that the Twin-motor will not start.

Cheers, Michael

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