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Hi Tango,

first you have to find out if there is a failure in the electric starter circuit (switch, relais, motor) or the “one way” clutch itself. Maybe both things are not working properly?

You may do a test of the electric start in that condition as your photo shows it. That’s a good possibility to check what happens when you push the “Start” button.
Pay attention to turn of the motor immediately if it fires up !
… or you may remove the spark plugs before 😉

Here you can see how to repair the starter clutch:
Google Chrome will offer you the translation option 😉

After the starter clutch is swapped it is very important to get the LH screw fixed very firmly and Loctite (medium) has to be used.

I use a pneumatic screwdriver (as known from professional car tire changing stations)/ air-hydraulic impact wrench.
My compressor has 6 bar air pressure and I turn the screw in until the tool doesn’t fix it any firmer. No idea what the torque is in the end 🙁

You will need a new gasket for the alternator cover as well.

Maybe KK can help you. He has some experience with that and probably the right tools :-)))

Cheers, Michael

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