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Well KK came over, we have put some Fine Tuning exercises in on my B1!

First we took the coils off and lifted the rocker cover. We checked the shims
One was out, so it got changed. We also checked the valve timing and found it not quite right… So changes were made until KK was happy. We also checked and fine tuned the ignition timing.
Then we turned our attention to the carbs as mine has a different set on now from what I went to Belgium on, because Maggie stole that set and refused to give them back.
We cleaned and made various changes, with a possible Plug Breaking down diagnosed as well.. The last run of the day felt promising! So a Massive Thank You to KK for yet more of his time!

I’m off work tomorrow so I’m hoping to get out and give the bike a good run to see if everything is indeed now working as it should!

Here’s Hoping! 😉

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