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😳 It was a Little inconvenient Stalling every time I came to a Stop! 😡 especially when I didn’t have my Electric start! and had to kick start her every time! 😮

The Problem is …. When I stop there is a Very Small amount of clutch drag when I have the clutch lever pulled in.
It is hardly even noticeable,and I can hold the bike just with my feet on the floor! But its just enough to slow the engine enough to stall! 😕

So I now need to get my EASILY! accessible tools out of my easily accessible tool roll! and adjust the clutch, to eliminate yet another little problem.

Thus giving me another little bit of knowledge and a further understanding of the little qwerks
that I can expect from this old Girl! That could be easily fixed at the road side. As Long as I can get to my tools! 😀

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