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Hi Lonesome Twins,

yesterday I have finished the electrical components. All lights are working, except control lights indicating high beam, neutral, turn, etc.

Spent an aweful lot of time with optimising the cable run around the steering head. Moving the steering bar – and all the front components of course – from steering stop to steering stop ends with a smooth movement and a good sound like “pock” ;-)))

Today I made the rear master brake cylinder adapter in aluminium.

Started the machine up and after some attempts by electric starter it fired up. It is not running fine, have to check the carburetors, which is peanuts 😉
The exhaust is still not finished, so the sound was great ;-)))

I am now using SAE20W50 motoroil.
It immediately seems to run much smoother than the years before with SAE15W40 oil.

17 days left to finish!

Cheers, Michael

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