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Hi KK,

yes, the weekend was brilliant !!!
Sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy.
Only very little rain on the way to the meeting (approx. 350km).
During the meeting we had a heavy rain shower on Thursday evening for about one hour. We rested save in the Rahnenhof restaurant.
On the way back the last 40 km were very wet.

JoH is a driving maschine!
It wants to have some revs for best performance, at around 5.000 rpm it is that strong that the clutch is starting to slip.
Frame geometry of a B-frame with the changed front fork, KONIs in the back and new BT45s, fabulous!!!
There is a very small tendency of shimmy effect when having no hand at the steering bar(s) and baggage on the rear carrier. Without baggage that effect doesn’t appear.

I have lost my “Throttle Rocker” after about 60km and there is a little metallic noise from the front fork. Have to find out what that is.
In addition the steering bearing needs a new, slightly firmer adjustment.

I am very happy that JoH is running like that 😉
It consumed approx 4.5 – 5 ltr/ 100km and almost no motor oil.
On some of the last kilometers to home I did the ton (100mph/160kph)on the “Autobahn” = highway 😉

During the next weeks, months and years I can do the finish with nice rear parts, improved seat upholstery (?), some nice painting, powder coating and polishing 😉
JoH should be a good looking bike but it is made to be used, not as a showroom maschine.

Cheers, Michael

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