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Hey Ron. I just left my 750CSR outside for four years and have decided to give her some Attention. Now I have her half stripped down and am poliching sanding and painting everything. I had no idea I was going to get this involved at the time. The rear tire tore from low pressure, and I always swore that if I replaced it I would finally fix the gearing. I’ve been looking all over the place and finding very few concrete answers for this particular model. Mainly I want to know if the 17T front required any modification and what is your current RPM at 65mph? Is there any way an 18T would fit? I doubt it, since the clearence already looks kinda close with 16T. Also were you able to Find any smaller sprockets for the rear JT’s smallest appears to be the stock 38T. Thanks and nice work on the bike. Hey those look like the same padded grips I put on my bike. Do you know where to order those grips? Mine are torn.

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