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Z Power

Suppliers of NOS and Reproduction parts inc Indicators, Switchgear, Seals etc.
Started by Dave Marsden who has now retired. Phil runs the show now and knows of our existence. He will discount members of this forum so don’t forget to tell him who we are.


Suppliers of service and pattern parts. Reasonable pricing and fast service. Good after sales too.
Very speedy with orders but be careful as (like many others) they are not familiar with the model differences so all 750 twins have the same clutch cable etc.
There I no quibble on returns but we don’t want to waste our time . . .

M & P

Another supplier of pattern and service parts including coils, regulators etc.

Very helpful on the phone and they offer good advice and give great service.

DK Online

Probably the biggest importer of bikes in the UK. Check the part very closely for quality and description. They do tend to be a pricey but quite often they have that part you need.
Use when all other sources have failed and as a last resort!

AJ Sutton

We don’t know of anyone has tried these.
The website is not the prettiest around but they seem to have some interesting and useful aftermarket bit & pieces that may just compliment your project.