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back to the main plot …… what a difference a day makes – or to be precise – half a day ! ;D

As well as the obvious progress in the pix, the blower manifolding / mountings have been worked out as well as the carb intake for the SU – which I guarantee will make you go weak at the knees ! ;). The exhaust has been swung over to the other side – and will also look the bollox.

Also rough mounting points for the seat and “tank”. The seat is sitting 2″ high in the pix as it’s currently over the tie down straps. The Tarrozi fork brace is total bollox …………. nowhere near – after I had to order it specially – and of course pay a premium.

There is loads of room for the fuel cell [ under frame ] which again has worked out a treat. Room for TWO NOS bottles hidden under the “tank”.

A lot of other “whatif” ideas have also been crystallized.

Thanx to my pal Brian – who is barely well enough to move into the garage, never mind carry out the precision fab work.

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