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    I rebuilt the rear brake reservoir and caliper. When I did my first shake down ride, when I got home the rear brake had locked up. I bled the caliper and it freed up. It happen again on the next ride. This time I bled the hose at the reservior and it freed up. I remove the reservior  and dissassembled to double check if there was something I missed. When I went to reinstall the reservior I felt the brakerod hit and push on the plunger in the reservior. I found no adjustment in the manual. I loosened the lock nut on the brakerod and tried to turn it but is was froze up. I tried some liquid wrench on the threads and let it set for awhile but still froze up. I had a small torch that I used to heat the brake pedal at the threads and the brakerod finally came free. I remove the brake switch spring to eliminate the clicking of the switch, turned the brakerod until I could just feel it hit the plunger and tighted the locknut. All was good after that

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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