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Cheers Kenny – didn’t want you to think I was taking the Mick !!!


Anyway – progress. The POC fuel cell has been mocked up and my belly fairing finally arrived. First POC fitting seems to indicate we’ve got it right  . The fairing will be moved back 3″ [ when we move the axle stands ! ] and that will allow me to extend the cell by 3″ giving me 2.5 imp galls. The plan is to tidy the whole fairing up once the position has been finalised. The fuel filler tube will be behind the engine, exiting in Manx / Goldie central oil tank style in the front of the seat. A fuel spill funnel will be incorpotated as the battery may still be living under the seat. If there’s enough room I’d like to move it into the fairing along with the fuel pump[s].


Hmmmm pix won’t load ???

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