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While I was busy with the carbs I also had the headlight shell off the bike to sort out. It was pretty rusty.

It got the paint stripper treatment and then a wire brushing and a bit of hammering to get rid of a few dents. I filled a couple of spots too but left the spot welds as they were.

Then time for paint. I like the Aldi metal spray paint as it can be applied without primer. Its got a sort of oily texture and it goes very flat. It takes weeks to dry if you put it on thick but I bake in the oven at gas mark 2 between coats and then overnight on the keep warm setting and its nice and hard in the morning. I always get a bit of dust on everything but this paint will cut and polish well too. Its only £3 per can and the best rattle can I have used. The Lidl stuff seem the same.

Just before the final coat

Final coat done and ready for the oven

Fully dried now. Glass hard and very flat as you can see. Any waviness is from the base metal, not the finish.

Aldi have always had a silver in this range but its actually more of a grey so I don’t like it but recently I found a new silver there and once I tried it I went back and got 10 cans of the stuff. I’m planning to use it for the engine. I painted a starter cover for my other project, a GS550 cafe racer, with it to test the finish and its a good as the black. I figured that if I can bake it dry at 140 degrees C it should be ok on an engine.

With the flash you can see the colour better. Its quite a coarse grained metallic.



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