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Front Brakes stripped off and ready for refurb. I think I will replace the hoses as the chromed fittings are rusty. First need to do something about the master cylinder. These are usually anodized rather than painted. Its easy to tell as the top half is sun-bleached and the bottom is still black. Easy to remove with a strong alkaline but it will attack the aluminium too so you have to watch it.

I had to get creative to remove the circlip. Amazingly this worked.

Ready to go into the alkaline, you can clearly see where the rubber cap protected the finish from the sun.

After a good dunking

A bit of scotchbrite to smooth everything over.

While i was at it I did the lid too. My plan is to polish the lid and lever and paint the body black.

Trying something different by creating a new shoulder bolt from a stainless cap screw with a washer and sleeve. If it works I will loctite it all together.

End result looks ok I think

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