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Well after speaking to Beachcomber I need to make positive amendment’s to my previous post.

The cost of standard Kawasaki studs is £9 each. That is £72 for 8.
The cost of standard Kawasaki nuts is £6.50 each That is £52 for 8

Total cost of standard Kawasaki parts (8 of each) is £124

Beachcomber is offering a full set of studs and nuts (8 of each) for £62.40 inc VAT if you are a club member which is half the price of the standard Kawasaki ones and as they eliminate stretching and corrosion it’s an absolute no brainer!

The price quoted is obviously plus P&P (as standard Kawasaki ones would be too) which is estimated at £6.

20 sets have now been ordered this batch and they are selling fast with over half sold so far so get your set reserved.

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