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Hi Guys and thanks for this tip, I will try it if I can’t get the original ones to fit properly. As said before the DOT3 fluid made them much better and I’ve let them dry out for a month with good result, so let’s see, if not I will try out the automotive ones (looks good in my opinion).

I bought an ultrasonic washer and did the carburetors this weekend, see below.

After wash installed everything back together with the new diaphragms. Next step to but them back on the bike and test.

Two questions came to my mind when putting things together;

  1. The fuel mixture screw, what is the original setting or the base setting to start with?
  2. The hose below going from the petcock and the carburetor, it has something inside it, tried blow through it and could barely make it, is it a reduction nozzle or something? Any one got an idea of it matter which way the hose is installed?

Thanks again everyone to share you knowledge and help!



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