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Thanx everyone for the support. I will almost certainly be ordering another batch of studs.

Only 4 sets of clutch springs left.

Additionally I am now seriously looking at getting progressive fork springs made. MOST of our bikes will be suffering from “settled” / worn springs ….. that’s just the nature of the beast.

When I did the same exercise 10 years ago for my BMW Kays [ 100 and 1100 ], the difference was chalk and cheese. Went from being a soggy imprecise steering barge into something far more predictable and fun. They were also tested severely under race conditions by Ben Kingham – winning THREE B.E.A.R.S. Championships outright with RAM springs and shox.

I can get just ONE set made cheaper than off the shelf aftermarket items ….. but if I get 20 – 30 sets ? Probably 20% saving. I now know there are 3 different lengths, so I would have to go for the 2 most popular initially.

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