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Hi Lonesomes,

there are some videos available that shows the track “Spreewaldring” and the event “Built not bought”.

First video is a training session on a Laverda 1000, 3 cylinder. The driver uses about the same rev range and shifting points as I use them. Feels like I am on the track πŸ˜‰


Another video shows the LeMans start at my race, the Caferacer Gold Cup over 650ccm.
Took a long time to prepare the start, so we start atΒ 2:50min (you can see me just at the right hand side) until 4:48min where Paul overtook me.
This video is a kind of video examination that shows me where to optimise my line on the track.


Another video of Bert “Zippi” on his Yamaha TZ350 shows above situation and some rounds more following me.


This last weekend I attended the german Caferacer Forum annual meeting and the “Vienna” won – uncleaned and as ist was after the Built not bought – the 2. place as “Best Custom (Non Caferacer)”.
What a lucky day πŸ˜‰

Cheers, Michael

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