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OFFICIAL – two bikes ….

yep, Kaptain Kwack to blame – he’s a terrible bad influence on me – FORCING me to do a second bike !!!

So, work now continuing on the “TD” Flat Tracker and when my pal comes back from a short break next week – it’s up to the garage with it and on to the ramp.

I have “found” where my spare [ !! ] IHI Turbo went to – a pal borrowed it a few years ago for a BMW Oilhead project we were working on. He’s dropping it off at the weekend. There is a good chance that it is one fitted with a carbon seal – which means it can be used for a suck through set up with an SU carb.  Much simpler, and in my comfort zone of expertise.

Once I have the new frame / swingarm and “race” engine from KK, I’ll start mocking it up of the bench from where I left off.

I have a head start inasmuch as all the “whatifs” have been carried out on the TD.

I do like the exhaust I mocked up, so I will need to get another set of bends for the Glemseck !

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