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It’s been very quiet in the shed recently.

I have a dear old pal who is currently fighting cancer and I’ve spent the past 6 weeks or so taking him back and forth to hospital and ferrying his wife to visit. That hasn’t left a lot of time [ or inclination ] to get on with my hobbies.

He has one final operation this coming weekend [ hackers allowing ] to try to save the situation – and a lung !

He was scheduled to have the op last Friday – the day the NHS was hacked ! So that didn’t happen.

The down time has given me time to think carefully about my options with the KZ project.

Without being morbid – his current situation does bring up the matter of mortality – and “useful time left” on the meter.

So I will concentrate on completing the “Tangerine Dream” to try to get myself on the road as soon as possible and at the same time putting together the turbo “Glemseck” version as time and funds allow.

His current bout of ops will have a 9 week recovery time, but he will be allowed home after a week, so that means I won’t be on the hospital taxi run for his Wife’s visits [ 36 mile round trip ].

Hopefully I will be able to report some useful progress from next month.

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