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Update – my pal has now had his major surgery to remove asbestosis, tumor and re-inflate his lung !

9 1/2 hours on the operating table, and the procedure was a 90% success. The surgeons could not remove all the asbestosis due to the fact the lung wall was too badly damaged in one area.That means there is a small chance that a tumor will form in the future.

I’m no longer doing the 40 mile round trip twice a day [ ! ] to take his wife to visit – but he needs a lot of homehelp during the next 9 weeks [ at least ] of recovery ].

It was great fun moving his sleeping accommodation from the third floor of his house to the ground floor !

So I can now get back to my KZ project [s ].

Next task is to check out the stock wiring loom to see if I can simply modify it or whether knitting a new loom is the answer. As I’m running daylight MOT [ no lights – ‘ish ] ] and deleting other controls it should be greatly simplified.

Then it’s take the project off the bench and into the garage on the bike ramp – that will leave the space in the shed to get the “Glemseck” engine sorted and packaged with the turbo, Nitrous, etc.


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