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While I was sitting twiddling my thumbs waiting for my pal to clear his work and get the chassis up for the machining etc., I decided to look again at the intake / exhaust as this will be the last opportunity until he has finished his part of the work.

Anyone who followed the early embryonic Glemseck ideas, will remember that originally I wanted to use an Eaton blower. When I offered mine up [ 1 of 3 ], it was obvious that it was plain too big enough to fit without butchering the frame. Also – as I thought – the drive from the alternator side rotated the wrong way for the blower. Blower clockwise.

Of course when I found out I was wrong about the engine rotation – I had already moved on to the idea of a turbo. I have never made a secret that I am not comfortable with turbos ! Yes, I KNOW all about the benefits – but I’m also aware of the drawbacks and having built 5 or 6 blown twins in the 60’s [ Shorrock ] that would be my preference.

So, why bring it up? Well a blower I had already sold to a guy was returned to me as “the wrong one” – glad in a way as it was without doubt the best s/h Eaton I’ve owned. Absolutely NO snout play and excellent rotors.

Since I had it back, I never even unpacked it [ 6 weeks ] – until today.

“Well I’ll be blowed” [ forgive pun and insert your own expletive ] – ” It’s more compact than the other 2″.

Whizz out to shed, remove exhaust and Weber and offer the blower up ……………….. yes, that’ll do nicely.

At a stroke that relieves me of sorting out oil feed for turbo [ blower self contained ], and electronics / carb – and the main stumbling block, getting a turbo unit with the old school carbon seal. That will make the installation so much simpler, and relatively speaking the tuning set up far easier. Of course NO turbo lag, something I was a bit concerned with a twin – and boost from idle.

As I was going to have to devise an oil pump drive for the GSXR oil pump anyway, I’m no worse off AND I’ve already got all the pulleys.

One very happy Beachcomber.





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