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TY Ron.

The carrier did indeed come from Desperates Emporium, via Blackpool, Leicester then Milton Keynes. I think it origionaly came from the states though. As far as luggage is concerned the side bags are a couple of 50ltr rucksacks i picked up from ebay at ?8 each (new – last years design). I undid the straps and then cross fastened them to each other and adjusted as required to let them fit snuggly over the bitch seat and trap me sleeping bag in place. On the back the grey box shapped thingy is a double camping stove with grill in a wooden box wrapped up in my PVC ground sheet and the other item you can see is my 6 man tent.

All in all it fit very snuggly in place and was only held there by 4 bungee straps. Was very secure for the nearly 2000 of Belgium miles.

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