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dougyt wrote:
…Loctite and higher tensile bolts should prevent the bolts shearing or coming out, and save some more permanent damage to bike and rider.

I agree.

…also, I want to mention that I didn’t actually remove the whole thing on both my 750s.

On the first bike, the starter clutch assembly had actually cracked in half from the seizure strain. And, I felt that the assembly might still be needed for spacing (or something, honestly I was just afraid to leave it out), so I got another starter clutch off one of my spare 400 engines, and installed the housing on the 750 without springs, pins or rollers. I used red loctite.

On the second bike, I just left the whole assembly housing out; meaning I left out the starter clutch body, 3 bolts, pins, springs, and rollers. So the only things on the crank in that area are the starter sprocket (with chain), the spacer-washer, then the stsator rotor (with bolt).


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