Re: Hi!


Thank you for the friendly welcome guys.

I must make it clear straight away my reason for contacting you ~ I have a confession: not only do i abuse fork trucks, but am guilty of unwarrantied neglect of a Z750. It’s a lovely ol’ beast, but has sat under a blanket at the back of my garage for nigh on ten years……in mitigation of my crime, i claim to own several bikes (inc. a KLV1000 which NEARLY counts as a Kwak twin 😉 ) & have, rather late in life, discovered the joys of touring…. thus i’m unlikely to find the time to put her back on the road.
So, if anyone is interested, please email me (

about the bike: 1978, Z750B, met. brown, 33500 miles (prob. genuine as have quite a few MOT’s etc) i think it’s all original. some rusty bits ~ exhausts are def. original….rotted bad (sorry 😥 ).

I’m an honest geezer (check me feedback out on Ebay ~ same user name) & would rather sell it to a Z750 fetisher than bung it on Fleabay. I’ve some pics taken last w/end, but as with most bike pics, they make her look better than a real inspection. I live 10mins from J1 of M2 near Rochester, Kent.

If the moderators/anyone thinks i’m being cheeky by posting, i apologise & will remove this post.

whatever guys, ride safe!

all the best, steve

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