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I’ve had the (K)Z for about 5 years now. The pic is from the previous owner. I’ve replaced the tank, tail, seat, both side covers, one frame cover, chain guard, and most of the visible rubber bits with NOS parts. Unfortunately, I neglected the carbs, so they’ve been sent out to Wired George for a rebuild. As soon as I get them back, I’ll get a new pic or two.

The T has been around for 8 years now. She’s bone stock and in very nice shape. I need to get some better pics of her too. One thing I think is cool – it still has the original dealer badges on the side covers. I’m not a fan of keeping those on except for the fact that it was sold by Penton Brothers Honda. As an old MX/enduro fan, I’ve always liked the Pentons and their part in developing both bikes and sport in the US. The badges are pretty cool looking and add to the bike, IMHO.

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