Re: Re: Doh!!!


Hi Kenny,

the complete engine is 78 kg !

Remove the valve cover first, that eases the job.
Having the bike on side stand is not too bad, as you have to remove the engine sideways to the right.
Fix the chassis against rolling away. (Strap on hand brake, etc.)

Cover the right hand, lower frame tube prior to engine removal with cloth to avoid undesired damage. (see pic)

Engine needs to go up (vertical in upright position, adopt to side stand position) and must get out of the lower rear holder. Then it is needed to lean/tilt it to the right hand side and moved out by letting be the cylinder head the pathfinder.

If it’s got jammed, recess it to whatever position it will take, have a rest, calm down and then try again.

I would highly recommend to do the job with two or even three persons !
Two to handle the engine, the third to support with whatever is needed 😉

If you need some engine parts and can’t find it in the UK, I may send some from Germany to you.

Cheers, Michael

PS: Pic shows the removed engine of one of the rare Y2 LTDs.

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